Chanukah begins Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at sundown

STiFTY Potluck Latke Fundraiser* Dinner  - Wednesday, December 4, 5-7pm

5-6pm: Chanukah Learning Activities
6-7pm: Potluck Dinner & Latke Feast in Sanctuary

Please bring a potluck dish to share with 12 (or more) people.

Last Name: A-F Dessert, G-L Salad/Vegetable/Side, M-Z Main Dish

STiFTY and JYG will provide the Latkes

Suggested donation: $8 per person, $25 per family (support our Youth Program!)

Please be sure to avoid dishes with pork, shellfish, or both meat & dairy.

*STiFTY's fundraiser supports year-round teen programs & retreat scholarships.

Resources for Kids:

Here is a great link about Chanukah books for kids:

Chanukah songs!  Get your Chanukah songs!
Fall is turning blustery.  Chanukah must be around the corner. Below this paragraph is a list of Wendy's favorite Chanukah songs, vetted for the “kitch” factor.  You can sample what you’d like and acquire what appeals to you. If you like the artist, check out their other music in itunes.  If you prefer supporting small businesses, many of these can be found at  There are package deals to make the music less expensive, though this site doesn’t have all of this music.  It’s still a great place to get acquainted with Jewish music.  As always, I’m interested in what you like from this list, and happy to expand the list if you have recommendations!

This handy songsheet with songs from the US, Israel and around the world goes with many of the above listed songs. It includes  Hebrew songs, Yiddish, Ladino, and English, in various combinations.

These links will bring you to a page in itunes that has many Chanukah songs.  I'm only recommending some on each page, so if you want my favorites, follow these links and look into the song highlighted in grey on that page.

Did You Know...?

Many centuries ago there was a major rabbinical debate as to whether we should light candles from right to left or left to right. Because Rabbi Hillel is almost always right, while Rabbi Shammai is almost always wrong, we have our own minhag, tradition, of how to light the Hanukah candles - put them into the Hanukah menorah from right to left, light them from left to right.

Watch this fun video on lighting candles!

Shop Shir Tikvah this Chanukah!

The Shir Tikvah Gift Shop has you covered for the holiday season. Looking for a beautiful new menorah, stunning dripless candles, extra-spinny dreidels?

Shop hours: Wednesdays during Hebrew School 6-8 pm & Sundays during Religious School 9:30-11 am.

Purchases can also be made during office hours.

Looking for something specific? Contact Laura

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