Supporting Students With Learning Differences,
Developmental Differences, or Mental Illness

“To provide educational care is to demonstrate authentic respect for a child’s unique mind while caring about it and caring for it.” -Dr. Mel Levine

By acknowledging learning differences, communicating regularly with families, helping students to celebrate and develop their strengths, and teaching through different modes of learning, we strive to provide all of our students at Shir Tikvah with a meaningful, relevant and appropriate Jewish education.

Special Needs Support in the Classroom - Shir Tikvah partners with the organization Sha’arim to accommodate the needs of our students with unique learning styles and to ensure these students get the most out of their Jewish education.  As one of Sha’arim’s member schools, we work with the Program Director of Sha’arim to develop a Sha’arim Education Plan (SEP) and set year goals for each student. Sha’arim Learning Specialist work one-on-one with students both in and outside the classroom to ensure that students get the most out of their education.
Darkaynu - The Darkaynu program is a self-contained Jewish educational and social program that allows Jewish children K-12 identified with more moderate to severe special needs to participate in a Jewish learning experience each Sunday morning from 10-12pm at the Sabes JCC.  The students come together for 2 hours of Judaic studies and social/recreational opportunities.  Each week they have a chance to meet with congregational Rabbis who come to lead and join in to the Tefillah and Ruach session provided.  The students learn about the Jewish holidays, weekly Torah portion, Jewish lifecycle events and participate in various social and recreational activities available at the JCC to enhance and enrich their connection to the Jewish community.  Shir Tikvah has students who participate in Darkaynu's program each week.

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