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The Shir Tikvah Choir

Shir Tikvah is a musical congregation, blending harmonies at services, and has an active choir. 

Shir Tikvah Choir, under the direction of Marlys Fiterman, sings for the High Holy Days and for Shabbat Shira. We sing from a varied repertoire from early composers such as Lewandowski and Janowski, to modern composers such as Finkelstein and Maseng. To volunteer for the choir, please contact our Director of Spiritual Engagement, Wendy Goldberg.

CHOIR DATES for High Holy Days 2016

Sunday  August 28        6:30-9:00 Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah

Thursday   September 1     6:30-9:00 Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah

Thursday  September 8   6:30-9:00  Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah

Sunday September 11   6:00-9:00    Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah--special session with congregational prayer leaders

Thursday  September 15     6:30-9:00 Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah

Sunday September 18     6:30-9:00           Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah

Thursday  September 22    6:30-9:00         Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah (Final Slichot Rehearsal)

Saturday  September 24 6:00-9:00     Slichot at Shir Tikvah (service at 7)

Sunday September 25    6:30-9:00           Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah

Thursday  September 29 6:30-9:00   Rehearsal at First Universalist Church, 3400 Dupont Ave. S.

Sunday October 2 8:00 p.m   Erev Rosh Hashannah Services at First Universalist Church - CHOIR is not singing


Monday  October 3  9:15 call Rosh Hashanah at First Universalist Church 10:30 service

Thursday October 6    6:30-9:00     Rehearsal at Shir Tikvah

Sunday October 9 6:00-9:00 Rehearsal at First Universalist

Tuesday October 11 6:30 call Kol Nidre    First Universalist 8:00 Service


Wednesday October 12        9:30 call Yom Kippur  First Universalist  10:30 service


3:00 call   Mincha/Yizkor 3:15 service

“Tizmoret Tikvah”!  Shir Tikvah's instrumental ensemble, which will play at Shabbat Shira.

Torah Reading

We love having congregants chant Torah!  Come one, come all!  Plenty of readings to go around, but we need you!!!  Already chanted before?  Sign up again!  Parent of a teenager?  Encourage them to sign up!  THANK YOU! Please let Wendy know if you’d like to chant Torah, on the Shabbat dates listed below.  Help with text and recordings is available as needed.  THANK YOU!!!!

We would love to have you chant Torah or Haftarah for the High Holy Days. There are still several portions left, but act soon if you’d like to chant.  They’ll go quickly.  Here are the details:

Wendy will supply the recordings & text and will provide additional support as needed.  Summer is a great time to practice for these chantings.

Monday, October 3          

  • Rosh Hashannah Torah readings about Sarah and Hagar.  These are sung in special High Holy Day trope (this trope is EASY to pick up).
  • Haftarah about Hannah praying about bearing a child.  We need English and Hebrew readers/chanters

Wednesday, October 12 

Yom Kippur Morning:  

  • Torah readings in Special High Holy Day Trope .  
  • Haftarah (Hebrew AND English) of Isaiah rebuking the people for insincere prayers. 

Yom Kippur Afternoon (Mincha 3:15 service)

  • Torah readings in regular trope.  This is great for beginners who want to stick to the trope you’ve already learned.  
  • Haftarah (Hebrew AND English) of Jonah and the whale.

Interested? Contact Wendy

Shabbat Shira*  Friday. February 10, 2017

*Shabbat Shira is the name given to the Shabbat when the “Song of the Sea” (Shirat Ha-Yam) is read from the Torah.  This is the poem Moses and the Israelites sing when they’ve crossed the sea, and the sea crashes down on the Egyptians.  The Song of the Sea includes Mi Chamocha and a few other famous verses.  Miriam’s Song (made famous by Debbie Friedman, z”l), comes from the narrative right after the song, and the story of Deborah helping Barak defeat Sisera is the Haftarah of Parashat B’shalach.  Congregations around the world celebrate this Shabbat of freedom with a celebration of music, a sermon in song, special musical presentations. 

Past programs have included:

Mizrachi Music:  The Melodies of Middle Eastern and Northern African Jews 

Music by modern composers David Shukiar, Gerald Cohen, & Aminadav Aloni

Music by Classical and Baroque Composers Salamoni Rossi & Louis Lewandowski

Looking for a gift for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Wedding? Conversion? New Baby?
Check out these links to great music.  Much of it can be found in (small business).  All of these can be found in iTunes (listed by category). Sample the music and purchase what you'd like. You can load the music on your computer, your mobile devices, or burn on a CD. Enjoy!

Tot Shabbat Songs (and fun for adults, too!)

Chanukah Songs

Passover Songs

Songs Devoted to Social Justice--under construction

Songs of Gratitude and Praise--under construction

Songs for Transitions in Life--under construction

Wedding Songs:  Note:  These are "traditional" wedding songs, not changed for gender.  These are the best renditions we could find to give you a sampling, but not necessary in the tempo and cadence you'd want for a wedding.  Wendy is very happy to play through this WITH you, sample them in person, talk about the texts, change wording for gender, etc.

 Great Jewish Music--we sing a lot of this at Shir Tikvah!

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