Shabbat Shirah Service

  • January 30, 2015
  • 8:00 PM
  • Shir Tikvah
Our Shir Tikvah tradition is to present musical selections on a theme, with a sermon on the genre of music.  This year, we are highlighting instrumentalists in the congregation who formed a small orchestra, called “Tizmoret Tikvah”, and they will accompany the choir. The drash will highlight the history of musical instruments in Shabbat observances.  We hope you’ll join us for this musical Shabbat.

Shabbat Shirah is the name given to the Shabbat when the “Song of the Sea” (Shirat Ha-Yam) is read from the Torah.  This is the poem Moses and the Israelites sing when they’ve crossed the sea, and the sea crashes down on the Egyptians.  The Song of the Sea includes Mi Chamocha and a few other famous verses.  Miriam’s Song (made famous by Debbie Friedman, z”l, comes from the narrative right after the song, and the story of Deborah helping Barak defeat Sisera is the Haftarah of Parashat B’shalach. 

Congregations around the world celebrate this Shabbat of freedom with a celebration of music, a sermon in song, special musical presentations. 


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