Shir Tikvah Shabbaton

  • May 10, 2019
  • May 12, 2019
  • Herzl Camp

It’s time for the Shir Tikvah Shabbaton

Our weekend away at Herzl Camp May 10-12!

Young and old, individuals to large families, campy folks or indoor-types, Shir Tikvah long-timers or new members- and everyone in between - come together with your Shir Tikvah friends & family for a Shabbat weekend getaway. Pray and sing outside, play games, socialize, go for a walk, jam and hang out at the campfire, retreat to your cabin in solitude, swing in a hammock with your new book - the Shabbaton is whatever you make it! Strengthen current relationships and make new ones. Ready for the snow to melt and make way for warm temps and light breezes? Excited for the white to be replaced with greenery? Spring has got to be around the corner - kick it off at our fun, spirited Shir Tikvah Shabbaton!

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