• November 06, 2018
  • 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Transportation for Early Voting and Election Day Voting

Jane Levin and Judy Reisman are coordinating rides for both early voting and on Election Day.  If you know anyone, please share the information below.

If you’re able to provide a ride, please email us here at STvotes18@gmail.com what day(s)/times you’re available and what areas you’re willing to serve as well as your contact info.

If you need a ride for Election Day, please contact STvotes18@gmail.com by Sunday November 4th at the latest. Please provide your address, contact info, dates and two hour window of time you’d prefer a ride. If the lines are short your driver might be able to wait for you and give you a ride home, but we can’t promise this. To determine your early voting / Election Day polling places, click here and then click on your county. To find your election day polling place, click here. Most early voting polling sites are open Monday through Saturday; the Minneapolis Early Vote Center (217 S. 3rd St. 55401) is open Sunday November 4th from 12:00 to 5:00. You must be a resident of Minneapolis to vote here.

If you need another way to get to the polls on Election Day, here are some other options (some of this info isn’t verified and/or could change):

Uber confirmed the following details:

Uber has already distributed 15,000 promo codes via its partnership with Vote Together, a project of the non-profit group Civic Nation. These promo codes were targeted at early voting, and are worth $7 off a trip to the polling station and another $7 off the return trip ($14 total).

On November 6th Uber is distributing a separate Election Day promo code worth $10 off a single ride to the polling station (no return ride), provided a user has the most recent version of the Uber app and uses a new feature on the app which helps voters locate their polling station by choosing the “most affordable Uber option available in your city.”

LYFT is offering a 50% off code on Election Day (download the Lyft app and click here):

For underserved communities, we’ll provide rides free of cost through nonpartisan, nonprofit partners, including Voto Latino, local Urban League affiliates, and the National Federation of the Blind. However, we could not find any info on their websites.”

24/7 Car Service, a locally owned car service, is also offering free rides on Election Day.

A quote from the owner, Jeff: “Election day is Tuesday, November 6. Are you going to vote? Do you need a ride? Give me a call! I'm not working that day, but I will happily give you a ride to the polls. I won't charge you anything and I won't accept tips. Call anytime (or text, which is better because talking sometimes stresses me out) twixt now and then to set up a time for me to pick you up. 612-360-3122. I'll pick you up in the familiar 24/7 car and we'll all feel like civic heroes.”

Lime, the electric scooter and bike-sharing company, is offering users two free rides on Election Day, Nov. 6. Riders who use the code LIME2VOTE18 can snag a free ride to and from their polling location, good for up to 30 minutes. Download the app here.

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