Guest Speaker, Jessica Fishman

  • March 17, 2017
  • 6:30 PM
  • Shir Tikvah

Guest Speaker, Jessica Fishman, will join us during 6:30pm services on Friday, March 17.

Having grown up in the Twin Cities in a Jewish and Zionist family, Jessica Fishman moved to Israel after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism and Business. She spent her first few years in the country serving in the Israel Defense Forces, learning the Hebrew language, and getting acclimated to the country. Jessica Fishman has written a number of articles about Israel and her story has been featured in leading Israeli and Jewish media.

 After developing the popular Aliyah Survival Blog, which is an irreverent portrayal of an American immigrant’s first years in Israel, she has written a deeply personal, witty memoir about the difficulties, absurdities, and excitement of making a home in a new country.

She was inspired to write Chutzpah and High Heels: The Search for Love and Identity in the Holy Land after a life-changing event in Israel. Her goals are to share her experience and inspire social change

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