Lou Wiener Memorial Scholar Rabbi Miriam Margles

  • April 08, 2016
  • 6:30 PM
  • Shir Tikvah

Friday night: Dvar Tefillah – Falling Down and Rising Up – An Elevating Invitation for the New Month/Rosh Hodesh Nisan

Rabbi Miriam will engage the community in an exploration of the physical and spiritual dynamics of rising up and falling down/falling apart. Just before a community prays the Amidah on Shabbat and festival mornings, we sing “Tzur Yisrael,” in which we ask God to rise up (Kuma!). In that very moment, we are the ones who get up onto our feet, rising up. Then as we begin praying the Amidah, God is called “somech noflim”--the One who supports those who are falling. In our exploration of falling, being supported and rising up, this musical dvar tefillah (prayer teaching) will use melody, simple movement, the words of prayer and our own life experiences as our guides.

Read Rabbi Margles bio here
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