Volunteer Opportunities

Caring Community Volunteers Needed

Our kavanah (intention) is to build a community that tends to each other's well-being, so we may all feel valued, embraced, and helped to feel whole when we need support, comfort, or assistance due to a death, an illness or other life changes.

Ways that the Shir Tikvah Caring Community supports our congregation:

  • Shiva: Assist grieving members by taking care of hosting duties: We bring supplies, set up, greet guests, pass out and collect prayer books, then clean up when shiva is over so that the mourners are able to be with and comforted by those who have come to express their condolences. (Shiva training provided.)
  • Meals: Prepare and deliver meals to members, who need support, such as those recovering from illness, after the birth of a baby, etc.
  • Visits: Visit members who are in nursing homes, hospitals, or homebound and would like company.
  • Rides: As we are able, provide rides to High Holiday services, medical or other necessary appointments.
  • Cards: Send cards and to community members in times of need to let them know they are in our thoughts. (Prompts for what to write are available.)

To be part of the Caring Community, contact Michael BahrCaroline Schultz or Ray Anschel

Garden Volunteers Needed

We invite members to participate in the mitzvah of transforming our grounds!  Sign up for 1 or more two-hour shifts over the summer.  This is a perfect family activity for parents and children, ages 12 and up.  No prior experience required, just a willingness to sweat and get a bit dirty.

Email your interest to Climate Minyan Co-Chair, Zoe Nicholie: nicholiezoe01@gmail.com

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many ways to get involved at Shir Tikvah!

Whether you have an extra hour or more to share. Here are just a few NEW options:

Calling all knitters!  Families Together, the therapeutic preschool for children living in "deep poverty" that Shir Tikvah helps support, needs 60 sets of hats and mittens for their 3 and 4 year olds for next winter.  I know some of last year's knitters have been working on this through the winter, which is just wonderful.  If you are interested in joining this project, please contact Judy Reisman at reism001@gmail.com for patterns and directions. No meetings required!

  • Distributing food at Green Central Community School for The Sheridan Project
  • Delivering blankets, food and clothing to Simpson House 
  • Kitchen Scrub-Down - don your rubber gloves and help us get the kitchen in spic n' span shape. An hour of your time would be tremendous! 
  • Bake for Onegs
  • Oneg Set up
  • Get the sanctuary ready for services (aka shammas)

To learn more about these and other available options, or to discuss your particular areas of interest and how those can best be utilized, contact Sara.

Also Check out the ongoing Committees of Shir Tikvah for more opportunities,

Crisis Nursery: Cook for Kids

Open Arms: Thanksgiving deliveries

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