Tikkun-Leil-Shavuot at Shir Tikvah

Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 8pm-Midnight

“Journeys and Arrivals: The Book of Ruth, Sacred Space, & knowing when you’ve reached the holy spot.” Includes learning with all of our rabbis, a dairy (plus dairy free options) oneg, music and prayer.

Open to all!


8:00 pm         Text study: Megillat Ruth

8:45                Ice Cream Bar, Cheesecake, and GF/DF-options Oneg

9:15                Rabbi Rappaport: Ruth & Sanctuary

9:45                Rabbi Lekach-Rosenberg and Rachel English: Ruth & Immigration

10:15              Movement

10:30              Rabbi Latz: Ruth & Land: Danger of a Single Narrative

11:00              Havdalah and Erev Shavuot Service

For background on Shavuot and our evening program, click here

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