Lifelong Learning Vision

"Shir Tikvah will be a welcoming, sacred Jewish community of learners of every age, ability, perspective and background. Learners will engage in holy conversations about Torah, concepts of God, Judaism, Israel and relevant issues of today’s world in all their exhilarating, challenging and profound forms. We will encounter innovative and flexible learning models in rhythm with Jewish holidays, life cycle events and Shabbat. Our learning will cultivate Jewish identity, build community and inspire us to live in harmony with our Jewish ethics."

Lifelong learning is thriving at Shir Tikvah – in religious school, Hebrew school, and adult education classes. But where do we want it to go? What is the best it can be? As Shir Tikvah embarks on an overall visioning exercise, the Lifelong Learning Task Force vision statement helps to define the values and goals for lifelong learning at Shir Tikvah. It now will serve as the theme for developing specific programs to implement the vision, and as a guidepost by which to measure the success of each program.

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