Lifelong Learning

At Shir Tikvah, wisdom is a lifelong pursuit. We learn through deep engagement in sacred texts, through learning in community, and through working to find meaning in tradition. Together, we are guided by a lifelong pursuit of Jewish knowledge, literacy, and intellectual growth. We seek new ideas and new people to learn with and to learn from. Our goal is to connect the insights of generations of Jewish teachings with the knowledge of our own age. Here at Shir Tikvah, we come together as a holy community - a kehillah kedosha - to study,  learn, and grow together. Lifelong Learning at Shir Tikvah gives students the opportunity to grow as literate students of Jewish life and to join a growing community of adult learners.

 We welcome you, wherever you are in your life's journey to join us in our pursuit of wisdom.

Contact the office, to start your Jewish learning at Shir Tikvah today!

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