Our Board

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governance of the congregation's resources, which include the physical building, finances, and personnel. The Board sets goals and policies in keeping with Shir Tikvah's vision and mission. Board members also serve as representatives of the various committees. This helps assure that the Board and the committees work in harmony to promote our congregational programs and community. The Board is composed of 18 members and meets every other month starting in August 2015 on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. Congregants are welcome to attend, please contact the office if you plan on attending.

If you are interested in joining the boardhere is a complete list of what your responsibilities would be.  The Shir Tikvah Board of Trustees is a Governing Board responsible for overseeing the operations and the financial well-being of the Congregation.  Service on the Board involves a commitment to shaping and leading the Synagogue into the future.  We are looking for visionary individuals who are engaged in the congregation and are interested in representing the Synagogue’s best interests as a leader of our spiritual community.  Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings, usher at Shabbat Services, and participate in all aspects of congregational life.

The Executive Committee of the Board also meets every other month starting in July on the third Fridday of the month at 7:30 am. Executive Committee is made up of President, Vice President, Present-elect or Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Communications Secretary and one at-large trustee selected by the President. It  has all of the authority, powers, and duties of the Board and may act for the Board between meetings if necessary.  The Executive Committee also serves as the personnel committee of the congregation. Congregants are welcome to attend, please contact the office if you plan on attending.

Complete copies of the Board, Executive and Finance committee meetings are maintained in the office of the Executive Director. To request a copy, please email the office.

The Executive Committee
Luke Weisberg, President
Ray Levi, Immediate Past-President
Joan Bilinkoff Corbert, Recording Secretary 
Ben Malakoff, Treasurer
Bruce Manning,
 Communications Secretary
, Board Member-at-Large

Board Members
Jeff Danovsky Julie Jacobs Bonnie Westlin
Barry Epstein Rachel Lipkin Gayle Zoffer
Amy Funk Penny Schumacher
Tamar Ghidalia Rebecca Skoler
Emmy Higgs Matzner Josh Sweet
Carin Mrotz

Term limits for board members – are general 2 years with option to be renewed; We will post on the website during the winter when we are looking for new members – all terms generally begin on July 1 (with the the new fiscal year).

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